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Top new questions this week:

What are pros and cons of piezo Vs strain gauges bed leveling sensors?

I'm designing a dual hotend carriage for a HEVO printer which will run in an enclosed heated chamber and I'm evaluating which bed leveling sensor I should use. I read that bltouch and similar sensors ...

asked by FarO 1 vote

How to control 4 thermistors in a heated bed?

My print area is ~ 17x16 inches (431.8 mm x 406.4 mm = 175,158.4 mm/2). To that end I need four (4) 200mm square heaters, and associated mosfets to run it. Each heater has it's own thermistor and can ...

thermistor mosfet  
asked by user77232 1 vote
answered by FarO 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is g92 used for in g code

On the reprap wiki it says using Znnn it sets a nex axis position. But then it says "No physical motion will occur". What would the line G92 E0 be used for?

asked by Keith Bybee 7 votes
answered by Mick 6 votes

SLA prints not sticking to build plate

I have been working with our SLA printer (Facture Draken) for a couple weeks now printing in makerjuice waxcast. . I have had some successful prints, but the majority (80%) end up as pancakes stuck ...

build-plate sla troubleshooting  
asked by DMrFrost 7 votes
answered by Shahin 7 votes

Holes/ missing layers (after retraction) in 3d printed objects

My printed objects have horizontal holes in them (as seen I the picture below): This doesn't only look bad it also makes the object break at the seems. Looking carefully at the printing process I ...

asked by Nir 10 votes
answered by Nir 9 votes

Z Offset on autoleveling sensor setup

How does Z offset (M851) work with an auto leveling sensor? Does it add the Z offset to the offset of the G29 mesh? or the G29 value replaces the M851? My printer is an Anet A8 with marlin firmware, ...

asked by Petar Petrov 7 votes
answered by 0scar 9 votes

How to fix Y layer shift on Creality Ender 3?

While printing a simple model, my printer starts to layer-shift the build in a direction suddenly. I used the default setting for ultimaker Cura 3.4.1. It has done this same thing for multiple ...

ultimaker-cura creality-ender-3 y-axis  
asked by brocket12 2 votes
answered by Trish 3 votes

Which nozzle should I buy for Anycubic i3 Mega?

I'd like to buy a new nozzle for my Anycubic i3 Mega because it's not precise enough - it fails to print small details like 1 mm eyebrows. Currently it has a 0.4 mm nozzle and I'd like to ...

nozzle anycubic-i3-mega  
asked by icraft 2 votes

Is there a G-code for waiting?

My printer has an auto-leveling feature that works by touching the build plate with the tip of the nozzle. I started using a BuildTak surface and BuildTak is damaged when you push a hot nozzle into ...

asked by Nir 21 votes
answered by Lars Pötter 21 votes
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