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Top new questions this week:

Ender 3 v2 intermittent print problems

I bought an Ender 3 v2 in January 2021 for my second printer. I have had an Ender 3 for two years and love the quality it prints. This new printer has been plagued with issues since day one. Creality ...

asked by Nicu7 3 votes

Prints are mirrored in X-axis and inverted in Y-axis direction

My custom 3D printer prints everything inverted. I guess this is a homing problem as the motor moves in correct direction. In Pronterface, if I press -Y — bed moves forward (towards the Y endstop) if ...

marlin diy-3d-printer homing  
asked by Raj 2 votes
answered by Mick 1 vote

Manual Color Changing

Ive been experimenting will multiple color filament but the colors a more or less blended. Is there are filament that goes from one color directly to another without having transition color ex. red to ...

3d-models filament diy-3d-printer  
asked by Gavin Weitzel 2 votes
answered by R.. GitHub STOP HELPING ICE 3 votes

Ender 3 V2 Z-axis base value changes for each print

I'm new to 3D printing, I just bought an Ender 3 V2 and I am having a lot of trouble with bed adhesion. After a lot of playing around it seems that the base value for Z is changing for every print. I ...

creality-ender-3 bed-leveling z-axis  
asked by ViggoV 2 votes
answered by ViggoV 0 votes

How to setup PrusaSlicer to support long bridges

Don't support bridge is a good idea to reduce support with acceptable print quality. But in this case, if I have a very long bridge and a short bridge, how do I tell the slicer to generate support ...

slic3r prusaslicer bridging  
asked by M lab 2 votes
answered by fred_dot_u 3 votes

Ender 3 Pro with BLtouch + BigTreeTech Auto level not compensating

As the title says, I have an Ender 3 Pro + BLtouch v3.1 and BigTreeTech SKR mini E3 v2.0. I have the SKR loaded with "firmware-bltouch-for-z-homing.bin" but my printer does not seem to be ...

creality-ender-3 bltouch skr-mini-e3  
asked by Tyler 1 vote

Horrid issues with printing with Anet A6?8?

I just recently got a printer, supposed to be a Prusa i3 Reprap clone. It came with Repetier firmware on it, and its previous owner had no idea about any calibration. I calibrated X-, Y-, and Z-axis ...

print-quality ultimaker-cura prusa-i3  
asked by Deniz Boztemur 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What causes bubbles in extruded filament?

I've noticed this on almost ever print I've ever had. On the initial first line that clears the extruder nozzle tiny little bubbles/craters seem to form on the line. While I don't think these are ...

filament print-quality makerbot  
asked by Diesel 14 votes
answered by StarWind0 7 votes

Efficient and easy way to thermally insulate the heat block of the hotend?

Sparked by this question, I wanted to discuss the most efficient and also the easiest ways of thermally insulating the heat block of the hotend. I have seen Kapton tape insulations as done here with ...

extruder hotend heat-management efficiency  
asked by kamuro 14 votes
answered by Ryan Carlyle 9 votes

Different infill in the same part

I´ve have read an article to change different pattern depending on amount of layers, but my question is if is possible to have different infill in the same part? For example: Base: has the infill of ...

slicing infill  
asked by Fernando Baltazar 22 votes
answered by 0scar 24 votes

How to set the boundaries for BLTouch probing

I have just installed the BLTouch on my Ender 3 running Marlin 1.1.9 and I want to set it up so the probing does the 9 points in a perimeter that uses most of the bed surface area. At the moment the ...

bed-leveling creality-ender-3 bltouch  
asked by Liam 4 votes
answered by 0scar 5 votes

How are delta movements calculated?

On a Cartesian printer movements are really simple. If we assume the printer has 100 steps/mm on each axis, then a move of 10mm on a axis is just 1000 Steps on that axis. Movements that are not ...

delta algorithm  
asked by Lars Pötter 8 votes
answered by Ryan Carlyle 8 votes

Troubleshooting filament slip on MakerBot 5

I run a high school 3D printer lab and we have several 5th generation MakerBot printers. On one of them I have considerable trouble with "thin" prints and filament slip warnings. So far I've tried ...

filament makerbot troubleshooting  
asked by dlu 10 votes
answered by StarWind0 5 votes

Why is the center of my glass print bed lower than the corners?

I have a new Creality Ender 3. I suspect that I have not adjusted the eccentric nuts correctly, on the X-axis head carriage mounts. Even after a glass bed upgrade, using the Level Corners routine ...

creality-ender-3 bed-leveling  
asked by SPJ 8 votes
answered by T. M. 3 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Do you know the inductor L3 value of the Creality V2.2 controller board?

The extruder stepper 'E' of my Ender 5 stopped working some days ago and by looking at the motherboard I found out the inductor L3 burned. I have a Creality V2.2 (CR-10S motherboard) and I would like ...

electronics creality-ender-5  
asked by Bud 1 vote

Nozzle too high on first layer after leveling

I've had my Ender 5 Pro for 6 months now, printing happily and quite a lot. Some days ago, a print failed mid-way, and since then I've not been able to make it print properly. I've now spent days ...

bed-leveling adhesion creality-ender-5  
asked by Theis Søndergaard 1 vote

How to center print head after Marlin upgrade?

Flashed Marlin to my Tronxy xy 2 pro but two things are happening. I tried printing a rook but the print got shoved to the front left corner. X is way off to the right when it homes. Using Cura ...

troubleshooting tronxy  
asked by Ben Madison 1 vote
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