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Top new questions this week:

How to solve ABS deformation at the bottom?

I am printing small mechanical pieces in ABS: 100 ºC bed temperature 70 ºC Room temperature 250 ºC nozzle temperature 0.4 mm nozzle, at 0.15 mm per layer. 100.8 % scale to compensate ABS dimensional ...

abs warping  
asked by Adrian Maire 2 votes
answered by 0scar 3 votes

Does a teflon insert in an E3D V6 clone limit it's useable temperature so it can't print nylon?

I'm new to this game, and recently upgraded the hotend on my Ender 3 Pro to a clone of an E3D V6, as I'm keen to do nylon prints at some point. I noticed however that this one I got has a teflon liner ...

creality-ender-3 hotend e3d-v6 nylon  
asked by barrymac 2 votes
answered by Trish 2 votes

PETG warping - adhesion or temperature too high?

Ender3 v2, SIENOC PETG which advises temperature of 230-250 °C on the box. I'm printing on top of cleaned blue tape, using a temperature of 230 °C for the nozzle and 80 °C for the bed. I've had all ...

adhesion petg warping  
asked by Mark 2 votes
answered by R.. GitHub STOP HELPING ICE 1 vote

Chocolate printing vs casting?

I need to make chocolate busts. Is it better to make silicon reverse of the bust and cast the bust or directly print it using chocolate printer (I prefer cost and process speed over quality)? I don't ...

asked by doc. Chocholoušek 1 vote
answered by user77232 2 votes

CoreXY with 8 bit board problems

I know that CoreXY kinematics is very complex and hard to calculate for the firmware making it better to use a 32-bit board. For some reason, I can't use any 32-bit board. What problems will occur if ...

firmware ramps-1.4 arduino-mega-2650 corexy  
asked by Mahan Lameie 1 vote
answered by 0scar 1 vote

Enclosed volumes with stereolithography 3D printers

I have no prior experience with stereolithography 3D printers. For a research application I am considering the SLA approach but I have a more basic question. I would like to use SLA in order to print ...

sla resin  
asked by VG_nbi 1 vote
answered by user77232 0 votes

How important is it to move the printer's controller board outside of an enclosure?

I am building an enclosure for an Ender 3 Pro printer, and am planning on the power supply and LCD unit being outside the enclosure. How important is it to move the printer controller (where the SD ...

creality-ender-3 electronics enclosure  
asked by Mike Hedman 1 vote
answered by Joel Coehoorn 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Creality Ender 3 printer power consumption?

Anyone have any idea how much power it takes to run a Creality Ender 3 3d printer every day for several hours at a time? Like what does it eat up per hour? A rough estimate of power use per hour would ...

creality-ender-3 cost  
asked by James Hanvey 7 votes
answered by Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 5 votes

What voltage does the Creality Ender-3 run at?

I am pondering about buying a Creality Ender-3, and I am honestly confused about some reviews. Some claim it is running 24 V, one did claim it was 12 V, most don't mention it. Since I know about some ...

asked by Trish 6 votes
answered by Greenonline 7 votes

Serious safety concerns with living in same room as PLA 3D Printer?

I have an Ender 3 which I primarily use for printing with PLA. I haven't branched out to other materials yet. :) I've done some research into PLA fumes and airborne particulates which seemed to ...

pla safety health  
asked by ifconfig 8 votes
answered by Sean Houlihane 11 votes

Recalibrating Home-position

I got myself the Ender 3. The Home position is about 1mm left and 2mm in front of the front left corner. Now, the hotend center axis is 11mm from the carrier plate with the "Mk 10" cooler mounted ...

marlin creality-ender-3 homing  
asked by Trish 8 votes
answered by Trish 3 votes

How to fix Y layer shift on Creality Ender 3?

While printing a simple model, my printer starts to layer-shift the build in a direction suddenly. I used the default setting for ultimaker Cura 3.4.1. It has done this same thing for multiple ...

ultimaker-cura creality-ender-3 y-axis  
asked by brocket12 2 votes
answered by Trish 3 votes

Different infill in the same part

I´ve have read an article to change different pattern depending on amount of layers, but my question is if is possible to have different infill in the same part? For example: Base: has the infill of ...

slicing infill  
asked by Fernando Baltazar 17 votes
answered by 0scar 19 votes

What are the "magic numbers" on a Monoprice Select Mini?

What are the "magic numbers" people refer to regarding print resolution on the Monoprice Select Mini?

asked by Mark Harrison 8 votes
answered by Mark Harrison 8 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Printer Crashes at the Beginning of a Print

I am converting an old Makerbot Replicator 2 to Marlin Firmware and everything works. The printer heats up, auto bed levels, and starts the print. However, after a couple minutes (usually after the ...

asked by Rosalie W 1 vote
answered by Jack Soldano 0 votes

Gaps between perimeter walls; potential under extrusion?

The cube is a 2 cm x 2 cm with infill at 30 % and layer height 0.2 mm, more details can be seen below. I'm printing with PETG using an Ender 3 printer. There seems to be a gap between the perimeter ...

print-quality ultimaker-cura extrusion  
asked by Brilliant Purnawan 1 vote
answered by R.. GitHub STOP HELPING ICE 0 votes
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