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Top new questions this week:

How to find Printrboard pin numbers in Marlin

I'm looking for a Printrboard board image with the pin numbers labeled. Specifically for Rev. F. Specifically, I'd like to know what each pin on the EXP1 and EXP2 correspond to numberwise within ...

asked by steve antwan 4 votes
answered by Greenonline 3 votes

Difference between Creality V2.1/V2.2 boards? Where to find datasheets?

I can't find an official datasheet for either board. Does anyone know where to find this information? Something that has max voltages, pinouts, etc. Also, whats the difference between the V2.1 and ...

asked by cds333 3 votes

Ender 3 X-axis belt orientation

What is the correct orientation for the X-axis belt? I first thought to place the smooth side down to match the tensioner bearing, but then changed it to match the motor pulley.

ender-3 x-axis  
asked by chewbapoclypse 3 votes
answered by Trish 6 votes

Flashing a bootloader on Ender 3 without Arduino

I just order myself an Ender 3 Pro which will come by the end of the week. Before it arrives I want to be ready to flash a bootloader onto it. I was wondering what other options there are to flashing ...

ender-3 firmware  
asked by PatricF 3 votes
answered by Roberto Lo Giacco 4 votes

Painting Text on Model

For a model that has raised text on it, how do go about painting the very top layer of text, to make it stand out from the background? Lets say I printed the whole model the same color, what type of ...

asked by SZH 2 votes
answered by Greenonline 1 vote

The first screen of Marlin 2.0 is showing some horizontal lines, appearing to be broken

We are using the branch bugfix 2.0 and the first screen of Marlin is showing some horizontal lines, appearing to be broken. After 3 seconds, the boot screen appears and everything works normally. ...

firmware lcdscreen  
asked by David Souza 2 votes
answered by Abel 3 votes

What does the stainless steel plug do in the E3D Kraken cooler block?

In the E3D Kraken cooler block, there is a big, 10 mm grub screw, along the side of the cooler block. I watched the entire Kraken assembly video: There was no ...

asked by steve antwan 2 votes
answered by 0scar 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the parts that make up a hotend, and what do they do?

My first and only 3D printer is a Printrbot Simple Metal, which has a hotend that doesn't expose any of its internal parts. Easy for beginners, I suppose: "The hotend is that tube that heats up the ...

asked by mhelvens 16 votes
answered by Tom van der Zanden 19 votes

How do I give 3D-printed parts in PLA a shiny smooth finish?

The surfaces of my printed parts using PLA plastic look rough and uneven. Would changing filament to a better one make any difference? If not, what kind of methods can I use to achieve a smoother ...

filament pla post-processing surface  
asked by kenorb 46 votes
answered by TheNewHobbyist 43 votes

Hatch Distance and Scan Distance

I am going through some of the basics about one of the 3D printing techniques - Selective Laser Sintering, and I am confused between the above mentioned parameters - scan distance and hatch distance. ...

asked by sajis997 4 votes
answered by amra 2 votes

Can I 3D-print print a PET bottle?

I want to print a transparent PET bottle for my homemade lemonades and thought about 3D-printing them. I would like the printed bottle's quality to be as fine as a Coca-Cola PET bottle for coke and ...

print-quality print-material pet  
asked by LiNKeR 11 votes
answered by Trish 24 votes

Efficient and easy way to thermally insulate the heat block of the hotend?

Sparked by this question, I wanted to discuss the most efficient and also the easiest ways of thermally insulating the heat block of the hotend. I have seen Kapton tape insulations as done here with ...

extruder hotend heat-management efficiency  
asked by kamuro 14 votes
answered by Ryan Carlyle 9 votes

Heated bed is not heating anymore

I have built a RepRap Prusa i2 a while back. It worked for a while, but then I moved the printer from place to place and after a while I noticed that the printer's bed is not heating anymore. The ...

asked by Froggy 7 votes
answered by StarWind0 3 votes

Troubleshooting filament slip on MakerBot 5

I run a high school 3D printer lab and we have several 5th generation MakerBot printers. On one of them I have considerable trouble with "thin" prints and filament slip warnings. So far I've tried ...

filament makerbot troubleshooting  
asked by dlu 9 votes
answered by StarWind0 5 votes
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