I heard about the certification program from autodesk website.

How can I prepare and write this certification exam as a student? I already started using fusion 360 about a month.

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Start with registering at their website and go from there. There is a PDF of a list of things you have to have mastery in:


    • Sketch Creation

    • Create Dimensions

    • Constraint selection and creation

    • Edit a sketch

    • Project Edges

    • Edit a Sketch


    • Creating a Drawing View, Base, Projected, Section, Detail

    • Add Annotations

    • Editing a Created View

    • Edit Border and Titleblock


    • Create a Form

    • Edit a Form

    • Thicken a Form


    • Feature Deletion

    • Press & Pull Tool


    • Create and Manage Top Level Assembly and Subassemblies

    • Create a Component From a Body

    • Align and Assembly Joints

    • Interference

    • Rigid Groups

    • Motion Studies


    • Sweep and Loft

    • Boundary Fill

    • Split and Combine bodies


    • Create extrude features

    • Apply Fillets and Chamfers

    • Create complex hole features

    • Create revolve features

    • Create a pattern of features

    • Create a shell feature

    • Create Construction Planes and Axes

    • Inspect command; measure, and section analysis

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