I'm looking for a Printrboard board image with the pin numbers labeled. Specifically for Rev. F.

Specifically, I'd like to know what each pin on the EXP1 and EXP2 correspond to numberwise within Marlin.

The pins.h file for the Printrboard Rev. F doesn't include any other files and doesn't indicate what pin number corresponds to which part on the board...

There is this google sheets file which provides some of the information.

enter image description here

This image has the categories of each pin labeled. But I'm looking for where the pin numbers on the board correspond to the numbers in Marlin, similar to this image for the MKS Gen L:

enter image description here


As FarO suggested, from github:Printrbot/printrboard/revF2 (via RepRapWiki - Printrboard - Revision History), the EagleCAD board layout and schematics are contained in the printrboard-revF2.zip:

  • Printrboard.sch
  • Printrboard.brd

This is the EagleCAD schematic:

Printrboard-revF2 schematic

EagleCAD board layout

Printrboard-revF2 board layout

Not quite the annotated diagram that you were after, unfortunately, but it might help.

There are a couple of configuration files on KevinOConnor/klipper, but unfortunately only for revisions B to D (at90usb1286) and G (SAM3x8c)... E and F are not available.


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