I would like to custom design and print a medal (sign of chivalry order). I know that I can make 3D design and 3D print it in metal, but are there 3D printing processes that put some layers of enamel in different colors? Possibly with gradual moves among the colors, something like roses in the Brazil Imperial Order of Roses https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Rose#/media/File:Order_of_the_Rose.jpg ? Is it possible to 3D print structure like that?

As I am googling for such process, I have found that there is 3D ceramic printing process and that is very close to the enamel. There is also transparent color 3D printing attempts, so - feel that this may be possible. But I am new to this field and I would like to get some prima facie estimation of the possibility to print such order-like structure in (any) metal plus enamel/ceramic material.

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