I am wondering if it is possible to print with a 3D printer from an SD card and connect to a serial host at the same time. I want to use the Marlin M118 serial print command to trigger custom functions running on a Raspberry Pi. The RPi would be connected to the printer over serial but would not be sending G-code. Is this possible?

My printer is the Monoprice Mini Delta. It runs a Marlin based firmware and I can install standard Marlin on it if necessary.

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This can be done, but you need to have the right order of operations. Octoprint relies on such a setup.

  • Set up the serial connection first, as sending the connect signal from your terminal or Raspberry to Marlin triggers the printer to reboot.
  • After having the connection established, start the printjob either via the control buttons or the remote console (for example: Octoprint or Repetier Server, running on your Raspberry)

Note that you have to make sure not to dis- and reconnect the raspberry during print, as that might trigger a reboot of the printer!

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