I have some trouble with my small I2S OLED SSD1306. When enabled in Marlin 2.0.1 it shows up great buuuut with a bottom line saying TMC CONNECTION ERROR. M122 in pronterface shows:

Driver registers:
        X   0xC0:0C:00:00
        Y   0xC0:0C:00:00
        Z   0xC0:0C:00:00
        E   0x00:00:00:00    Bad response!
Testing X connection... OK
Testing Y connection... OK
Testing Z connection... OK
Testing E connection... Error: All LOW

Disabling ssd1306 in configuration.h:

//#define U8GLIB_SSD1306

and everything works fine. I'm using TMC2209 for all 4 stepper on a RAMPS 1.6PLUS with a Re-Arm clone on.


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