Would I damage anything running 12v on a 24v cartridge heater? I know it wont reach a max temperature 300 degrees celsius? I am using the e3d hotend set up


Applying 12v to a 24v heater cartridge won't damage anything, but you may have severe issues reaching and maintaining your target temp. A standard E3D heater cartridge is 40w. When you run a 24v cartridge on 12v, you only get 10w of heater power. Here are some rough estimates on where your hot block heat goes:

  • Uninsulated hot block air losses: ~20w depending on airflow
  • Insulated hot block air losses: ~5w depending on airflow
  • Filament melt power at typical print speeds: 0.3-3w depending on filament and print speed
  • Heat conducted up the heat break: 1-3w maybe, hard to quantify

I've never heard of anyone using less than about 16w to print. (Two 8w power resistors.) 20w is the lowest vaguely normal hot end power. I think you'll struggle to print.


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