On my Anycubic i3 Mega the y axis control doesn't work properly. If I instruct the printer to move everything to the home position, the bed moves along the y axis until it gets to the end and then gets stuck there, i.e. I cannot move the bed anymore unless I turn the printer off and on again. If I try a print without homing first, it prints fine but the print is slanted in the -y direction.

What I've tried:

  • Replaced the y stepper motor.
  • Replaced the stepper motor drivers.
  • Replaced the motherboard.
  • Inverted the y axis such that the end stop is triggered when homing.
  • Marlin 2.x and 1.x firmware versions from https://github.com/davidramiro/Marlin-Ai3M-2.0.x

With the 1.x firmware, there's a grinding noise whenever the y axis hits either end and gets stuck there. No grinding with the 2.x firmware. x and z axes work fine, extruding filament works fine.

I was running the custom Marlin 1.x firmware with stock hardware, which was working fine. Then suddenly I started to get this grinding noise when homing the y axis and have tried all the things above to fix this.


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