I have changed stock Anet A8 board (Anet v1.5) to new SKR 1.4 with TMC2209. Then I found out these lines on the walls, i don't know how to determine it. Previously this wasn't so visible, but now it bothers pretty much.


XYZ Cube


Looks like an over/under extrusion. This can be fixed by:

  • decreasing/increasing your extrusion multiplier (flow)

Flow parameter in Cura

  • lowering your print temperature

enter image description here

  • checking the diameter of your filament. Do you use the correct diameter?

Diameter option of material in Cura

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  • $\begingroup$ I tried different values of Flow i.e. 90,95,100% - I think 95 works the best. I use the same printing temperature as you and the same filament diameter. Also i calibrated e-steps. I have been trying to solve this problem for several days and I have no idea. $\endgroup$ – blitzpl12 Apr 20 at 20:47

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