In Marlin one can enable continuous debug reporting of Trinamic drivers with the command

M122 S1

This sends lines similar to the following over the serial connection:

X:93/28/0||    Y:35/14/-|IF|   Z:54/28/0||    E:176/25/0||

Each driver appears to report three integer values and some flags. I understand the F flag indicates an error state, for example the overtemperature pre-warn condition (OTPW).

What do the other values mean? How can this information be interpreted to debug printing problems or improve performance?


In the Marlin source code I found the function responsible for the report logs: report_polled_driver_data in Marlin/src/feature/tmc_util.cpp.

The values indicated appear to be:

<Axis>:<PWM scale>/<Current scale>/<StallGuard>|<Flags>|<OTPW count>

Where possible flags are as follows (where “debug” indicates that they only appear if TMC_DEBUG is enabled):

  • E: Error
  • O: Over-temperature
  • W: over-temperature pre-Warning
  • G: stallGuard (debug)
  • T: stealthChop (debug)
  • I: standstIll (debug)
  • F: otpw Flag

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