I’m new to 3D printing and have the Creality Ender 3 Pro. I work a lot with clay for earrings and wanted to design my own cutters with a sharp edge to create clean shapes.

I use PLA and have been using the speed and nozzle (0.4 mm) that was already set when I bought it. It’s been creating fine edges but I’d like to make it a lot sharper. Using the instructions from videos I saw online, I created the following u shape (extrusion of .5 mm Is the “cutting edge”. I started getting some weird bubbles too and am not sure what has created that either (see pic).

I use fusion 360 to make the cookie/clay cutter and then send it to Ultimaker Cura to slice.

Any help with how to make it sharper and more clean cuts would be great!

cookie/clay cutter form


An extrusion width of 0.5 mm is too wide for making a sharp outline, I do use this sometimes for extrusion width for the infill.

Note that you can sand plastic (e.g. PLA or ABS) to sharpen the edge.


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