I am having 2 issues with my Replicator mini. the first issue is that at random times, I will do something on the computer, like tell the printer to unload the filiment or start a print. I will then have to wait for 4 or 5 minutes for the printer to start doing anything. I do not have too many USB devices on my desktop and its a new gaming PC I bought last year, running a fresh Windows 10 install. I have pulled the plug on the printer and let it sit for a few minutes, closed the Makerbot desktop program, then turn them both on at the same time but the problem persists. I also have no camera feed either.

Second issue is that the printer starts the homing cycle, works through it and then it moves to the second position and just stops. I hear noises but see no movement. if I try to move anything, the motors fight it. its been homing for 30 minutes now, normaly it takes 2 minutes.

I am pretty sure that its running the newest firmware. The USB cable isn’t damaged, and all I have plugged in is 2 keyboards, a mouse, and an Xbox controller.

this homing problem is new, it only started today. I've manually moved the extruder over to a corner and rolled the print bed down a few times, shut it off and turned it back on 3 or 4 times. No one seems to have this problem.


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