Recently I have started using a fairly large LCD resin printer. (Yidimu Falcon Pro) It has a fairly large 260x160mm perforated and coated steel build plate and a decent dual rail Z axis with a ballscrew. It has a 10" LCD. It prints ChiTuBox files from a USB stick.

I have been having a mostly successful print, at good quality, but the bed adhesion keeps haunting me. The best print on this machine had parts curling up from the build plate, however most of the print succeeded.

  • Two times I have had a very well adhering raft, however delamination occured directly after the raft.

  • Usually the left side lifts from the bed while the model stays on the build plate.

I have tried:

Changing resin (tried Druckwerk Pro D Black and Anycubic Black)

  • Decreasing lift speed
  • Increasing lift distance
  • Increasing bottom layer exposure time (from 60 to 180, as suggested by Druckwerck supplier)
  • Increasing bottom layer count to 9
  • Using a large raft
  • Using a very large raft
  • Using a very small raft
  • Leveling build plate without vat in place, using paper
  • Leveling build plate while keeping vat in place

What would be a good next troubleshooting step?

first layer with small raft

first layer with large raft model peeling off of print bed


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