A print I was doing failed half way through and was stopped. On the next print I set levelling to occur for the BLTouch but instead of doing this it went higher on each of the x,y coordinates. Additionally, the BLTouch also blinks red at all times and after resetting the -Z distance and it still does the same. Please note that when setting Auto Home it rises higher then it should and after running the auto-leveling is done, the info screen displays stopped after rising to a certain height.

  • I have double checked the BLTouch wiring and no problem is apparent.
  • I reinstalled the firmware and when I checked, it had the software minus the BLTouch commands I added in.

Even though it is the only BLTouch Hex file I have and it is the one I previously installed. Does the firmware I have know that the BLTouch is not responding and runs the software without its commands? Please help me before I send the BLTouch back. By the way, the BLTouch is an Antclabs version 3.1 and before this, it sorted my sagging bed problem.


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