I have two TMC2208 stepper drivers, both with the exact same problem. They both only allow the motor to rotate in one direction. They are currently used inside a CoreXY style 3D printer. In my case, both the Z motors have this problem. (For example, if I lower the build plate, the build plate lowers, but when I want to raise the build plate, the motors still make the build plate go down).

I have isolated this is a hardware problem by switching the defective motor drivers with my X and Y motor drivers, and after I did, the Z motors were able to raise and lower the build plate properly. However, the defective motor drivers seem to be able to turn the motors, so I don't understand where the problem originates from.

Possibly relevant details:

  • I have been using Pronterface to control my 3D printer manually.
  • Vrefs on my stepper drivers are set at X,Y,Z,Z2 on 0.9v, and E0 is on 1.1v
  • My stepper motors are these
  • The TMC2208 are configured in StealthChop2 mode.

If there are any details I missed, please notify me.



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