I am trying to get a CTC Bizer (Replicator 1 Dual clone) working with Cura 4.7, with the latest Octoprint with the GPX plugin.

So far I have:

  • Updated the firmware to Sailfish 7.6 (also trying 7.7 now)
  • Dialled in:
    • Steps per mm (responds to changes to the GPX held settings
    • Toolhead offsets (via Makerbot Desktop while 7.6 Sailfish was installed)
    • Home offsets (again via Makerbot Desktop)
  • Created a new Cura profile for the machine

Everything is working great apart from one minor issue. When the printer is told to pause or cancel the build, it runs a process to clear the build plate which involves calculating the bottom position of the build plate from the current position and the held machine dimensions.

Before I talk about that, a quick note to say I really don't understand Sailfish's logic on eeprom held settings coming from RAMPS world. Using ReplicatorG 40 Sailfish, you can view and change the home offsets. Or so it seems. When reloading/reconnecting, the changes are reflected in the config editor modal, yet the printer still homes to the wrong place. The solution is to edit the values via Makerbot Desktop's onboard preferences editor, which are reflected in the starting position of prints.

Using ReplicatorG, if I switch the 'driver' (XML config that sets various parameters in the control board), it queries the printer and checks the values match the XML. I can see it claiming to set the dimensions of the build envelope, correctly to the Z length of the CTC.

But when Sailfish 'clears' the platform, it thinks Z length is much longer because the build platform tries to go below the physical limit resulting in nasty stepper skipping.

So ReplicatorG is designed to tell the machine its dimensions, but it's not doing it right, just as it's not able to set home offsets in a way that reflects in the prints via Cura->Octoprint->GPX.

The frustrating thing is that inside that control board somewhere there is a setting saying that the Z length is way higher than the correct 145mm, but I cannot access it. The only way I know to change it is via ReplicatorG, but it doesn't work.

I tried updating to Sailfish 7.7. Now Makerbot Desktop cannot read/update the onboard preferences. I guess it doesn't have the firmware map for this version. But now GPX is able to set onboard preferences where it wasn't with Sailfish 7.6.

Can anyone help me to get the printer to know how big it's build area is? For the most part, it's not an issue, but it would be great to not have to power off if I cancel via the printer to avoid a head crash.


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