I recently bought what I am told is an Ender 3 clone. It is a CTC model and has v1-5 written in the bottom corner and comes with a Marlin v1 firmware. But I have no idea what board it is.

When I send command M115, I get

FIRMWARE_NAME:Marlin V1; Sprinter/grbl mashup for gen6 

Can anybody help me identify this board so I can upgrade the firmware to Marlin 2 in the hopes of getting it to work with Octoprint, and all the safety features that come with the new firmware (such as thermal runaway protection).

Controller board


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This printer controller board looks exactly like an Anet controller board. These also have a v1.5 version:

enter image description here

Your board misses the "Anet" branding, but includes the 1.5 version designation. Your board is probably customized with a different silkscreen (ink layer that identifies components and other information) on PCBs (printed circuit boars). Rebranding is pretty common in electronics.


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