I have the following printer: Anycubic Kossel. This has Trigorilla mainboard. My mainboard is dead and it's very expensive or almost impossible to replace it with another Trigorilla mainboard.

There is the official mainboard for replace which is very expensive.

So I started to find a cheaper solution and I found that in Aliexpress here I can buy MKS Gen L 1.0 mainboard which is compatible with my printer.

I am a completely noob for 3D printing, so can you guide me for the following:

  • Where can I plug wires in the new MKS Gen L board? For example where to plug T0, T1 ?

  • In my Trigorilla board I have 5A and 11A power sources. In the new (MKS Gen L 1.0) I have only one plug 12-24V. Which cable should I plug here?

  • When I wired it properly I have to flash Marlin and that should work, right?


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