I have a Creality CR-10 Max with BLTouch.

After I have manually levelled the bed and set the BLTouch to do an auto level it seems to unlevel the bed and only prints one side of the bed. However, it’s not sticking to the bed properly as it can easily move the first layer by brushing over it with my finger.

I have provided a photo of a test print below:
enter image description here

I have cleaned the bed with an alcohol wipe to ensure no residue from my fingers are on the bed.

I was wondering if any one can help me explain why the levelling is not working well and why the print doesn't adhere well.


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I have the same printer, but what are you printing, is it an stl that you created yourself or that came standard with the printer?

In the beginning, I had the same when printing the models that were delivered with the SD card. Can you check your settings as well on Cura, maybe the adhesion type is set to raft then the first layers are like that.

If not then see what nozzle you are using and see what settings you have them on, I noticed also that the initial nozzle that was on my printer was a 0.8 mm and not a 0.4 mm.

Also, did you check your Z-offset settings on the printer, when printing you click on adjust and then normally in the left top you see Z-offset if you go in minus (try with 0.5) every time and see if it sticks better.

Can you try and check this. These things I also had, still figuring out the settings for the CR-10 Max so I'm not an expert, just sharing my things where I also struggled with.


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