I am using an Ender 3 (v1.1.4) with Marlin 1.1.X bugfix installed. Also BLTouch v3.1 is used. The probe is deployed once only while mesh bed leveling.

How can I make the probe deploy twice at every point? Where am I supposed to change the code for it?

Please explain in detail if possible as I am not familiar with the coding part?


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For the 1.1.x (1.1.9) bugfix firmware version, the multiple probing is defined in the configuration.h file.

// The number of probes to perform at each point.
//   Set to 2 for a fast/slow probe, using the second probe result.
//   Set to 3 or more for slow probes, averaging the results.

You should change the configuration to include the multiple probing by uncommenting the line:


Note that there is question: "Updating Marlin Firmware - Step by Step Guide" that shows how you should modify the sources.

How to compile and upload/install the compiled binary on your printer controller board depends on the controller board version and type.


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