My MKS Gen_L V1.0 is obviously damaged. Nothing is fried on The board. I didn't see the magic smoke coming out of it. It works but I can't flash the board anymore because I get the "avrdude timeout" error. When I connect my USB cable, LEDs marked as D11 and D12 (green) and D7 (red) are on. Nothing else happens. I've bought a new one but I want to know if it can be fixed or not and most importantly, why it happened!? This is what happened:

I was lucky to turn the printer off immediately because the heatbed wire was melting, it's thermistor was losing contact with the bed so I guess that's why it was drawing unusual current. Now two question rises,

  1. Why didn't the printer stop with a halt error?
  2. Why did this damage my MKS board and tmc2100 drivers on the X- and Y-axis?

P.S: I use MKS MOS25 V1.0 for heatbed and extruder.

enter image description here


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