I am new to 3D printing and recently purchased a Ender 5 Pro. I came and the 8 bit 1.15 board was broken (couldn't run extruder). I upgraded to a 32 bit Creality 4.2.7 and also purchased a BLtouch 3.1 bed leveling probe.

I downloaded the stock firmware from Creality for the Ender 5 Pro and it seemed to work fine. I was having problems leveling the bed (it is high in the center) so that is why I bought the BLTouch. The 4.2.7 has a dedicated plug for the BLTouch, but, I cannot find any firmware to make it work properly. I, after a lot of head scratching, was able to get Marlin 2.0 edited with MS Visual Studio adding code for the BLTouch. Now when I try to home, the bed moves down, the probe moves to the back right position (like regular Z-Stop homing), then goes to the center of bed, the BLTouch cycles 2 times, but, the bed never comes up! It just stays where it is/was. The LCD says, "STOPPED" and then "Home Z". I seem to be the only one with a BLTouch 3.1 attached to a 4.2.7 board on the Ender 5 Pro. Any help appreciated.

  • $\begingroup$ When you say you "added code" for the BLTouch, what do you mean? Normally, adding a BLTouch just involves uncommenting the relevant setting in Marlin, not adding anything. $\endgroup$ – Rykara Mar 19 at 7:10
  • $\begingroup$ Your correct, My Bad. I modified some of the Marlin statements in the Configuration.h file to produce a compiled .bin file that made my UNOFFICIAL combination of parts work correctly together. No actual code additions or subtractions just configuration tweaks. I'm working on a list that will show all the changes I made to to this file to get my setup working. Thanks for the catch. $\endgroup$ – Bill Miller Mar 19 at 13:22

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