Recently I bought a printer and failed to find Cura 4.8 settings for it (both in application both myself). My printer Zonestar Z6FB

Currently I doubt in:

  1. G-code flavor
  2. All printhead settings excluding extruder number (which is obviously 1 in my case)
  3. Start/End G-code

enter image description here

Add printer image to eye trap someone who also interested

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Your printer looks like a clone of the Creality Ender 2. Have you tried using a printer definition for the Ender 2? $\endgroup$ – Mick Apr 2 at 12:01
  • $\begingroup$ @Mick believe me it is not a clone. It is the cheapest device you can imagine. $\endgroup$ – Marat Zakirov Apr 2 at 12:03
  • $\begingroup$ Well... it is very similar to the Ender 2, and also the Tronxy X2. Both are cantilever printers. I have a Tronxy X1 -- also a cantilever printer but no heated bed. I suspect that settings for either the Ender 2 or the Tronxy X2 will also work with Zonestar Z6. Of the two printers, Cura is more likely to have definitions for the Ender 2. $\endgroup$ – Mick Apr 2 at 12:11
  • $\begingroup$ I've just checked. Cura does have a definition for the Ender 2. $\endgroup$ – Mick Apr 2 at 12:17

After some pain, I figured out that if you are a poor Ubuntu/Linux user you should only use the AppImage version of Cura which you can download from official website

Next, make the file you downloaded executable chmod +x *.AppImage

Next, start it from terminal or by clicking in navigator

Ok, proceed as is and then HelpShow Configuration Folder.

It will show 2 folders we need ~/.local/share/cura/4.8

Ok now download ZONESTAR_Cura_Resources.zip from here.

Then copy all files from ZONESTAR_Cura_Resources TO ~/.local/share/cura/4.8 but remember that directory structure is messed up but can be figured out.


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