Does anyone have any information about using a soldering iron to fix and retouch 3D prints? On the market, for example, we can find Modifi3D pen. Why has nobody created a simple soldering tip for this use?

I have a TS100 soldering iron which has great temperature control and I think it would be perfect for this use.

Does anyone think it's a bad idea?


I have used a standard soldering iron to modify and fix 3D prints in the past. You have to keep some things in mind when doing so:

  • Don't overheat your material. PLA can take a soldering iron of about 230 °C before charring.
  • Don't use a tip with solder, or you will get grey deposits in the plastic.
  • Round tips or flat tips both work fine, but you want to not dump too much heat into the model or you start to deform the print as it needs to cool again.
  • Using snippets from the end of the spool for soldering is a good way to recycle the "waste".

Cutting materials with a 'hot knife' isn't anything new. There should be a fairly established toolset for working foam. For 3D prints, I prefer to add coatings rather than modify surfaces with a hand held tool after. I do run a drill bit through printed holes though.


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