I am trying to enable Z-offset on MKS MKS TFT28 V4.0 touch screen but I couldn't for some reason. This is the code that I have uploaded to the Screen firmware in which you can see that I have enabled the babystepping function:

#the color of screen background

#the color of title text

#the color of temperature,fan,(etc) background

#the color of temprature,fan,(etc) text

#the color of file button

#the color of file text

#the color of background in printing 

#the color of text in printing status

#3D effects setting (disable: 0; enable: 1)

#The screen is flipped 180°(0x00: no flip, 0xEE: flip)

#shield the function of detection power (0:no shield ,1:shield)

#shield the function of detection filament (0:no shield ,1:shield)

#Whether to support the function of dual extruder single nozzle.(0: disable, 1: enable)
#the extruder number need set to dual.

#For the M110 command plus check, the version of Marlin 1.0.2 and below is set to 1, and the other versions are set to 0.

#Enable function of display error message. (no:0; Yes:1)

#Enable function of babastep. (no:0; Yes:1)




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