With my Ender 3 V2, to home the extruder, I have to choose Disable Stepper, manually move the extruder to the X-axis stop switch; then select Auto Home. After that point everything homes correctly.

My question, is there a way to get the extruder to automatically move to the X-axis stop switch and then proceed to auto home after Auto Home is selected without selecting Disable Stepper?

  • $\begingroup$ Is this at power on or after printing something? $\endgroup$ – agarza Apr 10 at 20:47
  • $\begingroup$ I would like to be able to do this anytime... I have G-CODE in my Simplify3D code to take the extruder to a neutral location after printing... im not looking for the printer to do anything on its own. I would like to be able to just select Auto Home and have the printer actually auto home without the process of selecting Disable Stepper and moving things manually. $\endgroup$ – TheCollector Apr 11 at 12:00

I figured this out... It was a firmware issue. I went to Creality's Forums and found the appropriate firmware and now it auto homes as I would expect it should.


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