First off, I realize how many "Ender 3 BLTouch not working" questions there are already on here, I've looked through a bunch of them and not seen this particular problem. Let me know if it's been answered somewhere in particular.

So my Ender 3 Pro has had the following upgrades:

  • Glass Bed
  • Tougher bed leveling springs and metal wheels
  • Metal Extruder upgrade
  • Capricorn Bowden tubing
  • BLTouch -bought at the official Creality site
  • Firmware upgrade that Creality recommended for Bltouch
  • Not an upgrade, but want to confirm my settings in Cura are correct, it looks like this now:

enter image description here

  • Is that the only slicer setting I need to change to get a BLTouch to work? The G29 line?

Everything seems to behave with the BLTouch, i.e. if I tell it to level or print, the head and BLTouch go through the motions, poke the bed in the 9 places and proceed, but there are a few things that make me wonder if its actually working, hence bringing me here. Do both seem like maybe they could be firmware issues?

  • I have a hell of a time setting the Z-offset. I'll get it close, but after auto-homing, and then move the Z down to zero, let's say maybe it needs to be a hair down. I'll go into ControlZ-offset and I'll move the Z-offset the smallest possible amount. For instance, if it was -1.45, I'll change it to -1.46, store settings, and then auto-home again and scroll the Z to zero again. Boom, the nozzle grinds through the bed and/or is a half cm high. Just way off. Or, I'll do that process a couple of times, it'll seem to be behaving, and then I'll start a print and after going through the BLTouch bed leveling process all of a sudden it'll be way off again. My new glass bed has scratches all over it to prove it.
  • As far as the Z-offset as well, am I correct in assuming that should be "live"? I.e. as I'm setting the Z-offset it should move the Z-axis? Especially if doing so during a print? If that's the case it definitely does not do anything "live" as I move the Z-offset.
  • Now let's say after a bunch of trial and error I get the Z-offset to seem right, and maybe it even behaves most of the time. Well, 5 minutes ago I just watched it with my own eyes start a print, go through the motions of leveling, draw its first little purge line at roughly the right height, and then all of a sudden jump super high in one corner of my bed on the first layer while gouging into the bed at the other corner. What gives? It's like the "level" of the bed is way different than what the BLTouch thinks (in terms of angles and stuff). It's a brand new glass bed so I don't think it could be warped or anything.

So I guess to summarize, my question is: it seems like despite having all new physical pieces on this printer, it's not doing what it's supposed to do. Am I forgetting something? How do I fix this?


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