I'm working on a project for which I use the Printrun package to serial communicate my G-code to my 3D printer (Creality Ender 3, Marlin firmware). The idea is that I have an external button connected to an Arduino such that whenever I press this button, the M114 command should be sent and I want to receive the nozzle Z-position.

At the moment the code looks like this:

from printrun.printcore import printcore
from printrun import gcoder

# some code for button
import serial
import time

arduino = serial.Serial(port = 'COM5', baudrate = 9600, timeout = 0.1)
def Button():
    data = arduino.readline()
    return data

printer = printcore('COM4',115200)

gcode=[i.strip() for i in open('MyCode.gcode')]
gcode = gcoder.LightGCode(gcode)   

button = Button()
if button == b'1':

The code is running but I don't get any information about the outcome of the M114 command when I press the button.


  1. Is there something in my code that I'm missing? How can I receive the answer from the M114 command using Printrun?
  2. Do you know any other package that allows me to receive the answer from the 3D printer?

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