Some time ago, I bought an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, and I really liked the product. This is my first resin printer and I am very satisfied.

What has been bothering me a little is in relation to the slicer. When I slice an item, Chitubox shows 3 hour/20 g (consumption), but this does not converge, when I print the final result is about 40 % higher than expected, this in both cases (time and resin consumption). I understand that resin consumption can be a little more relative, but time should converge.

My settings are the defaults provided by Chitubox, changing only the resin settings I use: 8 initial layers in 50 s and 2.5 s for other layers.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Should these values converge with reality?


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It seems easy to calculate but it is not.

  1. Due to acceleration and deceleration, the movement time hard to predict. If you take a look at Atmel source code for movement you would get clear idea.
  2. Usually these boards contains RAMPS compatible firmware running on a separate micro controller. Any value change on this side such as movement parameters are not synchronized.
  3. Framebuffer being used to display layer which is slow and add slight delays specially for high resolution printers.

At the end I did expect better prediction with simple math, specially considering only very few parameters adjustable on chitu. The most probably your printer timing details on chitu are not accurate.


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