I have a Prusa i3 MK3 or maybe it was upgraded to a i3 MK3S.

How can I figure out?

The description of the upgrade kit talks about

  • the SuperPINDA (how is it different from the old one?)
  • a number of small changes (which?)
  • improved plastic parts (which parts, how are they different?)
  • metal clips (where to look for them?)
  • a number of minor changes to the extruder plastic parts (which ones, before and after?)

I'd like to figure that out without taking the printer apart.


Left right

Filament sensors

The MK3 has 4 pins on the filament sensor, the MK3S has only 3 pins. While you need to take the extruder apart to see that, you can also have a look at the cable instead:

Filament sensor cable

Matching the sensor, the MK3 has a 4 strand wire including blue and the MK3S has a 3 strand cable without blue.

Bearing clips

Looking under the heatbed, you'll find the MK3 bearings are fixed with U-bolts while the MK3S has broader bearing clips.


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