I am thinking of using it for a project or two but am still somewhat new to this.

So, I was wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of Eryone's 15% metal PLA and X% metal PLA in general?


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Advantage: It should print like regular PLA at PLA temperatures.

Disadvantage: the embedded metal particles are abrasive and will widen your standard brass nozzle over time. The fix is to use a hardened steel nozzle, or for the extreme, there are options like ruby-tipped nozzles.

Advantage: It should look "metallic" in a way that is more durable than a paint-on topcoat finish, with a depth instead of a surface-only appearance.

Disadvantage: I can't find the product you're referencing. The nearest I can find is Metal Silk Rainbow PLA and Ultra Silk PLA

That latter one is available in gold, bronze, copper, silver, etc. which sounds like metal, but only printing some will show you in person what it looks like.

See also Additional mods for printing metal filled filament with Ender 3 V2?

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