I have radial fan with 2 pins connector and always kept it connected to GND/5V pins (marked J5 at the left bottom on pinout image for my controller board).

I've stumbled upon the USE_CONTROLLER_FAN feature of Marlin which allows setting some pin to be used for PWM-controlling a control board fan. I think SERVO0_PIN should do fine (D11 at the bottom center on the pinout image), but I'm not sure how to connect it.

  1. Should I split connector and use GND + D11 pins?
  2. Or should I use some proper PWM fan for that (which are always 4pin and then how would one connect THAT to those pins?)
  3. Is it safe to run a fan directly from board pins or should I resort to using either unused MOSFET outputs (e.g. FAN MOSFET pin marked as D9 on the left)?
  4. Should I use dedicated MOSFET board to drive that fan using that SERVO0_PIN?

MKS GEN v1.4 board pinout


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Servo pins are PWM pins, so yes D11 can be used, but not directly connected to the fan as the pins only allow a very low current. You'll need a MOSFET to drive the fan. You don't need 4-pin fans, 2-pin fans will suffice.


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