I added a BLTouch to my Ender3v2. Yay! But my first layer is still as sketchy as it's ever been. I've got the firmware updated, and I can see the auto-level process take place at the beginning of my print - I can watch the probe measure a 5x5 grid.

I updated the start G-code in Cura to do a G29 immediately after the G28, and I do see the auto-level sequence after homing at the beginning of all my prints, so things are happening. But it doesn't seem like the auto-level has improved anything. I've got single-layer test patterns that look OK on one part of the bed and look like the nozzle's crushed into the bed on another part.

Most of the web help I've found implies that all I need to do is insert G29 in the start sequence.

But other places talk about saving the auto-level settings to the EEPROM, M500/M501; do I need to do that if I'm running a new auto-level immediately before every print?

And I've just this evening run across the M420 command, which looks awfully relevant; do I need to add an M420 S1 command to use the auto-level mesh I just found with G29?

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