I heard about how people dissolve ABS filament in Acetone, resulting in a glue-like solution which then they rub it on the bed and start printing. Apparently, this helps with warping. But I saw it being used only on glass beds, and the printer I have has a PEI bed, and it's an open-frame printer. So, if anyone has used the "ABS glue" on a PEI bed, did the bed degrade over time?

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  • $\begingroup$ ABS releases a lot of VOC's proceed with extreme caution, in a well ventilated room. PLA releases almost no VOC's, and PETG releases a tiny bit so still open the window a little. Acetone vapour is also really bad for you, avoid at all costs, and even if you do vapour smoothing, only do it outside where it is well ventilated. I would avoid this at all costs. $\endgroup$
    – F.Ahmed
    Aug 7 at 16:32


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