I am just using Cura for the first time.

This is what my model looks like in Fusion 360: enter image description here

Here is a close-up look:

enter image description here

And this is what Cura creates for me.

I assume the turquoise area is a support structure. Why does it do that?

Also, I don't understand why it marks the edges as red. I assume this means that there is problem.

Thank you! enter image description here

enter image description here


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Each color has a special meaning:

  • turquoise: Support (in your case Build Plate Adhesion)
  • Red: Shell
  • Green: Inner Wall
  • Yellow: Top / Bottom

And so on ; you can see them if you click on "Color Scheme: Line Type" on the Preview Interface, and select what you want to see.

The turquoise is your support for bed adhesion (see the Build Plate adhesion tree on your Print Settings interface), the red one is your shell.

Nothing is wrong, please read the doc, it could be useful sometimes ...


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