I have a Flsun Q5 which I am trying to get to communicate with my python script. The script is this:

import serial
from time import sleep

COMMAND = 'M105' # Request for temperature

ser = serial.Serial(port='COM4', baudrate=115200)
print('Connected to Printer... T-2s\n')
print(f'>>> {COMMAND}')
sleep(20)  # Allow time for response
response = ser.readline()

But it returns ok 0 everytime (even when asked for firmware i.e., M115):

>>> M105
ok 0

When I hit with a G28 command, the printer does move like its supposed to, but it responds with ok 0. It's like it responds like that to everything. I have tried messing with that 20s timeout, but no matter what, it does not do anything.

How do I get the temperature of the bed? TIA.



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