I'm playing with the QiDi Print software to compare the slicing results with mine (Dremel 3D45). One of the reasons I'm going to buy it is the printing in parallel using the two nozzles:

enter image description here

But I'm not able to set up the slicer correctly. As an example I set both extruders with the same PLA. I did the following steps:

  1. load the objects (two instances of the same or even two different objects)
  2. select the left one and press "print with extruder 2"
  3. select the right one and press "print with extruder 1"
  4. in the slicer parameters window, if I try to set the extruder for build plate adhesion it is set for both extruders:

enter image description here

enter image description here

So I cannot set Extruder 1 for object printed with extruder 1 and the same for the other. Hence I tried to select one object to enable the "per model settings". But, looking at the settings to customize, the Dual extrusion panel shows nothing:

enter image description here

I enabled the visibility of all settings. In any case, trying to slice with these settings, it add a weird wall around all the objects:

enter image description here

I never seen such a wall and I don't understand why is there and how to avoid it.

Finally, how to set up the slicer in order to print two objects in parallel?


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ooze shield setting

The question regarding the wall is covered in the advanced settings for Additions. In the screen capture above, you can see that it is turned on. Ostensibly, it's used to scrub off the previous filament oozing as it sits idle.

I don't have an i-fast and cannot identify the setting you require for duplication printing. Terminology is tricky; my IDEX printer slicer calls it duplication printing and mirror printing.

As an aside, you should have a contact email for QIDI tech support. My experience with the email system is next-day response.

  • $\begingroup$ The Qidi I-Fast is not an IDEX, meaning they're not independent extruders. It has two connected extruders in one printhead, it can't do IDEX things, it can print with two different filaments, one at time. $\endgroup$ 7 hours ago

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