I'm trying to build a cover for my Hypercube Evo's Meanwell LRS 350W power supply.

The power supply input is 120V AC and it provides 24V DC output to a Einsy Rambo 1.2 board.

I want to protect the Meanwell mains with a cover and a rocker switch with IEC receptacle like this one.

The receptacle has a 5 AMP Fuse between mains and switch. The Einsy also has three fuses, one for Hotend 5 AMP and one for Fans, etc. 5 AMP, and also a 15 AMP fuse for the heatbed. And there is a dedicated power input for the bed on the board. I plan to run a MK2a heatbed, which I think will draw about 13 AMPS at least.

My question is, will the receptacle fuse blow when I use the heatbed, or does the amperage come from the power supply (after the receptacle)?

Any other thing I should worry about in this configuration?


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The fuses on the board are for current pulled from the 24V DC. 15 amps of 24V DC is 3 amps of 120V AC, plus a little lost in conversion inefficiency in the power supply. If all of them were maxxed out, you'd be right at the 5 amp from mains, and inefficiency could perhaps throw you over. But presumably they're not supposed to be maxxed out, so you're probably okay.

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