I have a .mix file with multicolored objects. Using Meshmixer, I would like to change the surface color A into color B without modifying the rest of the colors.

In theory, this could be done by first selecting only the surfaces matching the color A, and then use the Sculpt > Color tool to paint the selection into B color without changing the rest of the surfaces. Or there could be a dedicated tool that can more automatically paint only the surfaces matching the selected A color into B color leaving the other surfaces unmodified. However, to my surprise, I haven't found any good guidelines to do this simple task of turning color A into color B. I noticed the promising Select > Filters > Expand Mode > Vertex Color Similarity option but have no idea how it should work or is it suitable for the job at all. Additional information can be found in Autodesk's guide on Meshmixer's Filters Panel.

Any help? I also have FreeCAD if that could help, but it cannot open .mix files at least directly.

Update: I read the Vertex Color Similarity documentation more carefully and get a little bit further. I am using a Mac and instead of Ctrl I need to hold Cmd while right-clicking the pre-existing selection (within a surface matching the color A) and then drag to expand the selected area. However, the selection in the isolated color area (let's call this A1) does not expand into a separate color area (A2, as said in the documentation: "grows the selection to connected regions"). It would be a tedious task to click and select all the individual areas representing the color A (area A1, A2, A3, A4, and so on) and then do the expansion. How could I more easily select and modify all the surfaces matching the color A?



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