I have a few bodies and I want to move them together so that the center of it is moved to the origin. I don't think the bodies when selected together have the correct center I'd want as I don't think they are all symmetrical. So I would need to move them based on one of the bodies that are symmetrical.

I don't really know how to center the models the way I want with the Move tool. I'm used to Blender where doing this can be done in two mouse clicks. I've tried searching and can't find any way to do this in Fusion 360. The Move tool also doesn't let me use absolute positions, so I can't move a body to a specific position if I want to.

Screenshot of 3D models in Fusion 360

As can be seen here, I can't get everything to center at the origin, the green line. Near the bottom you can also see the holes aren't lined up and the hole in the middle doesn't line up either, it is too far to the left. I don't know how to line up the center of that model with the center of the other model. I've tried using the "Point to Point" but I can't select the points I would need to do it like the centers of the circles. Even then it still wouldn't be aligned vertically or in the Z-axis.

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    $\begingroup$ No clue about Fusion 360, but if anyone looking for a Blender solution stumbles upon this question, in Layout, Object mode, Object->Origin->Origin to Geometry. Centers object's origin on 'center of mass' of the object. $\endgroup$
    – SF.
    Sep 25, 2023 at 12:12

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I think I found a solution. At least for moving the center of a plane. If you got a point on your objects center, this should work Do note that I have maybe worked 2 hours with Fusion360 and there might be a better way.

  1. Select your body in the BROWSER hierarchy under bodies.

    Screenshot of the hierarchy tab at the left of the main screen that contains all bodies, sketches and components

  2. Click on the move command

    Screenshot of the move tool selected under the solid tab in the modify category

  3. Change the "Move Type" to "Point to Point" And click on "Origin Point"

    Screenshot of the move command dialogue box that popped up

  4. Now I can hover over my object and select its center. A blue rectangle will show up if you hover over the center

    Screenshot of hovering over an object in the 3d workspace. Points are highlighted to be selected as the move origin. This includes the center of the object represented by a blue rectangle

  5. After selecting the rectangle you can now select the "Target Point".

    This can now be any point including the origin

  6. Confirm the operation with enter or click ok.

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