When slicing with Cura, a "flying" support was added. Why would it happen and how to fix it?

Top-side view:
enter image description here

Bottom-side view:
enter image description here

Bottom view:
enter image description here

As expected, the support failed.

Note, the images are flow maps. Support is colored red. I used lines pattern for support. Both support and inner walls are printer on 60 mm/s, so they are both red. The green you see under the support is a support base. But, for some reason it's disconnected from the support.


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In one-off cases like this, the best solution is adding a manual support.

  1. Select the part. Select 'support blocker' from the right menu, then click somewhere on the part - a semi-transparent cube will be added.

created support blocker

  1. Translate, Scale and Rotate the cube to the shape of the support: connecting the build plate with the critical point. Make it embed the problem point with a good margin - Cura will isolate it from the actual print body automatically, so don't worry about it merging with it.

blocker placed at target location

  1. Change its type to 'Print as Support' using the 'Per Model Settings'

Manual support

That way you can support anything Cura fails to support automatically.

Additionally, I found using Tree Supports works vastly better than standard supports in great most cases - not just with 'organic' models - they work quite well with 'technical' models where you need to support a large flat area, and tend to succeed in cases where normal supports fail miserably.


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