I am facing persistent issues with under-extrusion and print instability on my Creality CR6 SE 3D printer. Despite using different PLA filaments from various manufacturers such as Eryone, Jayo, Prusament, Redline, and Amazon Basic, I consistently encounter problems with thin lines and unreliable prints.

Notably, the same filaments perform well on my Prusa Mini, ruling out filament quality as the sole culprit.

enter image description here

Here are the key details:

  • Running the latest Community Firmware.
  • PLA filaments are stored adequately, ranging from a few weeks to several years old.
  • Hotend temperature settings range from 205-215 °C with a 60 °C heated bed.
  • Standard settings slightly modified for wider inner perimeters (0.6 mm) and higher temperature for stability.
  • Occasional difficulties during filament changes, even with the extruder released and the nozzle adequately heated.

I have performed some troubleshooting steps, including changing filaments, adjusting Z offset, and ensuring proper storage conditions. However, the issue persists. I also cleaned the extruder. Could it helb to replace the PTFE tube with a Capricorn tube?

Are there additional steps I should consider or specific settings that could be impacting my print quality? Any insights or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I have checked other questions on this site, but with no helpfull result for me.


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Try following a guide on debugging under-extrusion all the way through.

The most obvious point you did not list in your question are: checking the mechanics of the extruder and cleaning the nozzle:

  • Making sure the extruder gear theeth are clean and sharp
  • Ensure proper spring tension is pressing the filament to the extruder gear
  • Check if the motor has enough force/current to push the filament through your fingers if you press them together
  • Calibrate the E-Steps
  • Check that volumetric E is not enabled in your slicer settings.
  • Make sure you can manually push filament through the heated nozzle without too much force
  • Perform a cold pull or several
  • etc.

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