I'm working on printing the 3D Printable Jet Engine w/ Minimal Printing Supports and I'm having a surprising amount of difficulty printing the fan. The fan seems to print fine, right up until the last 20 or so layers, where it starts to gap and blob-like I've never seen before.

I have quite a few photos available to view, but I'm including a few below:

Photo of jet engine fan model with gaps and blobs

Upclose photo of the same fan model


What I have tried:

  • Initially, I thought that maybe it was because I had the infill set to ~40 %, and a lot of top layers, so maybe the print geometry and the infill/top layers combo caused it, but they showed up when I put the infill to 100 %, as well as if I just put the walls to 20 (thus making it 100 %).
  • I've tried printing with .20 mm and .16 mm layer height, as well as .16 mm + adaptive layers (which made a lot of it .12 mm)
  • Tried switching to a different filament, and encountered the same results.
  • Printed some tuning towers to verify that the temperature and retraction are set up okay.
  • Tried lowering the speed down to 75 mm/s (usually around 100 mm/s)

If it was something like a clogged nozzle, then I would assume that that same pattern would be seen everywhere on the print. That goes for the temperature and retraction as well.


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I re-printed the model using Curas overlay settings and some stretched cubes to apply different settings to some of the fan blades: enter image description here And once printed, the blade seen here at the very bottom looks like it was the best: enter image description here The changes on that blade were just 4 bottom layers, 0 top layers and 7 walls (effectively making everything after the bottom 4 layers 100% density with just walls).

I'm not sure why exactly the gap between the top layers and the walls was showing up, but regardless, this seems to be the fix.


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