I want to print a text inside a box. I mean the text should be cut out (see through). Example: enter image description here

As you can see the parts in "o" and "e" cant float.. it needs some kind of a support. Also the top triangle in the M can't be printed without a support. Here is something I found, I think this is what I need:

enter image description here

Can you recommend me a font or some app to make these fonts printable the way I need it?

The software I use is Simplify3D and all the free ones like cura.


I did a quick search using The Google with the terms "stencil font." There were too many results to list here and the first link I clicked on provided some seriously ugly fonts. Stencil fonts by definition will result in supported center pieces. Windows has a native font named, surprisingly enough, Stencil which does the same, but it's not quite as imaginative as the ones found using The Google.

Here's an example from Font Squirell:

Octin Prison

Octin Prison Font

How about something a bit more bizarre from the same location:

VanBerger Font



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