I currently doing research on 3d printing on circuit boards. The technique we are using is to put a conductive material, I.e ceramics/metal in a gel/polymer, to print the suspension and then when is complete to sinter away the gel/polymer. The problem I am having is the suspension needs to be thixotropic. Furthermore it must have a high viscosity i.e 500 cpa under low shear and to quickly drop to low viscosity as the shear increases

So far the closest thing I have been able to find is in this paper but if you look at the graphs none of them have a high enough viscosity and more importantly the drop to low viscosity under increasing shear is too shallow.

I have tried to use models like the ones in this paper but I am finding it quite difficult.

Does anyone have any suggestions to find more materials like the one I require? Thanks


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The material you are describing sounds very similar to the material used for Metal Injection Molding except that you want to print the material rather than molding it.

A company called MarkForged is making a printer called the Metal X that uses this technique of printing & sintering to produce solid metal parts. Here is a article describing more details about the printer.

It sounds really cool.

If you investigate papers around those processes you may find what you are looking for since they are so related to what you are trying to do.


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