Cura is generating temperature commands in the wrong order. I need to swap lines 6 and 7 below so that both the printhead and bed can begin to heat at the same time.

Is this code generation configurable in Cura?

5 ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 2.5.0
6 M190 S60    ; set bed and block
7 M104 S215   ; set printhead, don't block
8 M109 S215   ; set printhead, block

You can do so by placing this at the top of the start code under machine settings (tested on 2.6.1).

M104 S{material_print_temperature}
M190 S{material_bed_temperature}
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    $\begingroup$ Tested on 2.5, works perfectly. Thanks! $\endgroup$ Jul 25 '17 at 19:25

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