How can I convert 3D point cloud data to DICOM format (specifying slice width) or an equally scrollable sharp 2D image format? Which software (preferably opensource or free) can I use to do this?

I've searched on Google and can't find anything.


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    $\begingroup$ This is almost something that could be done in an afternoon from scratch... What is the 3D point cloud data format? What sort of a DICOM output do you want - be specific, there are several possibilities! $\endgroup$ Commented Aug 16, 2017 at 20:35

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This answer is actually based on combining answers from 2 other questions (this and that).

The process isn't a single step and would be to as follows:

  1. The point cloud data needs to be converted to a 3d mesh.
  2. Convert the mesh to STL.
  3. Slice the STL into SVG.

For step one, the type of point cloud data would decide the software to use (for example, if it is GIS point cloud data, or 3D scanner point cloud data). A good end result of step 1 would be a VRML file. As you've not specified the type of point cloud data, I cannot suggest a software for it.

Step 2 would be to convert the mesh to STL which is easily doable using Meshlab.

For step 3, Slic3r itself will work just fine to generate the SVG output you're looking for.


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