I've been watching this video 3D printing guides: Calibration and why you might be doing it wrong and at the start (at 0:30) three of the first Reprap printers are mentioned (and shown):

  • Darwin;
  • Prusa Mendel, and;
  • what sounds to be "Cells".

Here is a screenshot:

RepRap Cells

which, to me, looks like a Mendel.

However, after having looked at:

... I can not see the "Cells" printer listed or mentioned.

Am I hearing it correctly?

Or is it "Sells", in reference to Edward Sells, one of the four authors of RepRap – the replicating rapid prototyper? However, this paper only mentions/shows the Darwin and Mendel printers.


Yes, it is a "Sells Mendel" in reference to Edward Sells. As noted on the RepRap wiki:

Ed Sells, a student of Dr. Adrian Bowyer, designed and built the first Mendel printer, sometimes called a "Sells Mendel" to distinguish the original design from later tweaks.


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