I got a Tevo Michelangelo as first 3D printer today and already got a problem with the bed leveling: The extruder nozzle is way below the build plate. (When I auto-home the axes, which I've done several times). I thought to just adjust the plate downwards, but it was incredibly slow, and there was almost no progress.

Here's a picture, sorry for the bad quality:

Extruder nozzle below build plate

Should I continue adjusting it downwoards via the screws (It's getting harder), or is there some other way to solve this? Or am I just making a dumb mistake?

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    $\begingroup$ Doesn't your printer have an adjustable Z-stop switch? you really don't want to crank down the bed screws for fear of bending the plate. $\endgroup$ Oct 30, 2018 at 17:47

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Just move the Z-endstop up a little higher, also make sure the bed leveling screws are not completely screwed in.


  1. Move the head of the printer up.
  2. Move up the Z-endstop so that the nozzle is a little higher than the build platform.
  3. Home the printer.
  4. Disable the stepper motors and move the head over the bed to a certain position (e.g. a corner without disturbing the Z axis), once you get to a new position of the bed, raise the bed by unscrewing the screws until a piece of paper shows noticeable drag when pulled between the nozzle and build platform.
  5. Goto 3 until you have done all corners several times, also the center of the bed. It is advised to once in a while re-home the printer, this way accidental Z-axis movement is compensated again.

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