I need to replace this stepper motor with the following product identification:

Y-axis stepper for the CR10-S5

It’s a Y-axis for CR10-S5 and labeled as JD42HS60-1500A-02F. What type of stepper motor is this?

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This is a NEMA 17 motor. It is virtually identical to the NEMA 17 motors Creality uses in most of their 12V products.

In contrast to other companies, Creality uses a different connector with a flat ribbon cable instead of color-coded wires.

The upper line of the label identifies it more clearly:

  • JD Identifies the factory/manufacturer
  • 42 identifies the faceplate size as 42mm square, so a NEMA17
  • HS identifies how the holes are shaped
  • 60 is the height of the motor as 60 mm.
  • 1500 identifies how much power is OK for it, here: 1500mA = 1.5A
  • A specifies our motor has a maximum safe temperature of 104°C
  • - gives us no voltage for this motor, but as you have a CR10, it should be 12V
  • 02F is supposed to tell us something about the wiring and steps per rotation, but I can't find out what.

Side Note: the Creality Ender3 uses 34mm high stepper motors.

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